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Published On: Sun, Apr 15th, 2012

Thara Inter college inougration by steve baker and mehboob bhatti (1)

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  1. Akram Sattar says:

    can somebody elaborate on this in detail. Steve Baker sahib and Mehboob Bhatti sahib’ visits where only for the unvieling of the stone or was there more to it ? was this project funded by any government sector from England or by dontaions from England, Palat Bradari?

  2. I like to ask my Kashmiri brothers and sisters if they see any logic or benefit of names on the inauguration if the education standard still remains the same or are the photo opportunists giving a chance to farangi to gauge how much kashmir has developed by expat kashmiris,surely that may cuase some jealousy amongst the farangi as always their have been so,how will this effect Kashmiri struggle if it had not in the past visits or is visits to Dadyal merely for self publicity and nothing more then that Pakistanis are held bent on forming new provinces within pakistan out of urge to down play the otherside yet for kashmir its been 65 years we kashmiris been told ke pakistan is our moral supporter or humdard but it never been this determined to raise kashmir issue at UN as it is with forming doubt kashmiris are taken fo fool time after time.kiya farangi ke naam se thalim better ho jae gee if so tho kashmiri education ministery ki or politicians ki kiya value reh gee kiya kashmiri khod koch nai kar sakhte if not then let the men we know to take charge.some one whose not desperate for photo opportunities.OK we should not be of extreme thinking or mind or of negative thoughts but realistically given the past history of photo opportunists and these farangis going to visit to dadyal then come back yo create more problems for asian community by either raising poll taxes or reducing incomes sometime denying the asians jobs.Farangis and some pro Farangis have one thing in common,that is they both have teeths in their stomach.often others claim credit on the cheap for something thats funded by others.given the secenario such a double standards by west and its tail wagging stooges it is onus on those who have kept fooling kashmiris with lies and false promises to this day or day of the inauguration,this factual resentment is not levelled at one given party it applies to both parties that have been taking kashmiris for fool especially elcetion times in UK,but no more.easttimor and south sudan conflicts were of yesterday and their have been resolved because those people were not united on one agenda of Independent unlike kashmiris influenced by pocket fillers India and Pakistan and be divided on stance.our leaders are corrupt and jael to the core since 1965/70 thus no pesh ruft in resolving kashmir issue.

  3. (correction) the east timorians were united on one agenda and supported by australia and the west just like south sudan,no doubt west supports groups within Muslims countries like syrians and libyans and bahrainis and others salafis who the west feel are handy to them,but West never supports genuine struggles where muslims are fighting to end illegal occupation helped by tail wagging western stooges likes of saddat and mubarak and some past and present arab regimes.i am talking about genuine struggles in Palestine Kashmir and elsewhere too.

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