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Published On: Tue, Aug 3rd, 2010

Situation At Dangali Bridge in Dadyal, Video and Photo Report

There were many rumers about Dangali Bridge that it was broken by strong flood flow from Neelam Valley. Even Jeo News published a fake news that strong water flood took Dangali bridge with it but when i reached there yesterday situation was quite different bridge was there and people were passing on foot. Flood only damaged few ropes that tie bridge down.

Damage was not much as it was told. A week’s work will repair the bridge because all wooden sheets are in good  condition. Only motor bikes and people on foot were allowed to pass on the Bridge. If you want to go Rawalpindi you have to switch Vans, one which will take you from Dadyal to Dangali, other will take you from dangali to Rawalpindi after you cross the bridge by foot.

Situation was not much different from other river endings as people were busy collecting wood from river.

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  1. SRK says:

    Good Work…what happened to the sound?

  2. palak AJK says:


    i think misinformation is half the problem in this neck of the woods, and on the subject of wood i think one of those thicker planks should be gently inserted into a particular cavity where the sun doesn’t shine much for plundering other peoples misfortunes!! NAME AND SHAME !!

  3. palak AJK says:

    sorry i forgot … that’s sideways 😉 so they can be comfortable sitting on a tractor, Mitsubishi or a truck!!!!!!!!

  4. ansar says:

    hi can anyon help me how do i get from pindi to dadyal the long way?

    • Shahzad says:

      The only info about it in my mind is that you have to come through mirpur way. You can ask any driver there in pindi the exact way.

  5. nhn says:

    salaam Ahlay Watan,
    i was so wooried when i heared about Dangali Bridge,but after watching this vido am satiesfiad request 2 all of u is to pray 4 your country

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