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Published On: Wed, Dec 28th, 2011

S.D.M Ch.Kashif and S.H.O dadyal talking about Loadsheding and Jaloos

S.D.M Ch.Kashif and S.H.O dadyal talking about Loadsheding and Jaloos in dadyal.

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  1. Islan Shah says:

    news is that afsar shahid will be resigning as he said he is not allowed to do work that he promised his supporters….ch abdul majeed is standing in his way as opriginally he wanted masood khalid to get the ticket, therfor i think it will be a very good thing to do ….watch the space people, lets see what masood khalid can do,

  2. False rumor I’ve just been with him 😉
    So get ur ass were it belongs :p

  3. Now problem of electricity is solved , charge of wapda hs been given back to AJK government.

  4. hasan says:

    nassar bro: this guys does not know where his ass belongs,there is someone inciting this masood guy against likes of shaid,give him a chance to prove himself 4/5 months not enough considering the mess left,although its not right to keep on develving on that again and again bit like those keep mantering about shohadas of garribaksh or those who letout first bullet.there are guys turning masoud against likes of shaid,are upto something for their own benefits Mr Masoud had his chance or Must wait his chance.that’s why their are trying to make masoud and guy from daggar think bit too much of them selves.don’t know who their are trying tp appease though or making fool of themselves.I know there are political differences but there are times when you use you head too just like others who wind masoud up.there tookplace accidental as heard event of great unfortunate in qattar AJK,we send our sincer condelences to the bereaved family,there should be no political point scoring be allowed by the Police in order to harm those who are not Directly involved or had no direct knowledge at the time of event happening.the Police shall conduct its investigation according to the available evident and statement provided by the eye witnesses and of the account given by the deceased.not because of some hotheaded political bigot whose out to settled score of election let the Police carryout the work like the Professionals this is their chance to prove their are working Independence of political bigotry,and restore much needed faith and respect.prove themselves worthy of being called AJK Ploice Force.Guns should be encouraged to be handed over or punishment by fine and jail.only hunting rifles should be allowed.shooting up with AK47 does not make one big.its whats in your head that is benefiting your people and country is what i call something big to boast about in Kashmiris like others there is plenty but please use it wisely.We should resolve all matters neutrally and sensibly and give very fair judgments,those who are pushing too hard about the event in accidental event in qattar must also consider the deliberate murders of two females who were murdered and their killers roaming free why,they should be arrested and put behind bars but got away just because the SP was some Raja saib.Life has same value no matter who you are and it should be respected and protected from human inflictions.I wnt the AJK Police instil so much fear into the hearts of criminals that no one would dare lift gaze at any respectable lady working in the middle of Dadyal bazzar in the evening laden with gold,such should be the fear of the Kashmir Armed and the Police forces and equally the respect for them too.enough said i think,i Know iam getting bit boring now.Anyway All the Best.We need Kashmir media to play fair role contributing well to the society.


  5. Islan Shah says:

    @nessar hussain im only saying what iv heard, i even support afsar shahid his a top man, its just that others dont let him go further and let him do things for dadyalis

  6. imran khan says:

    they are all bunch of living twats, none of them can do anything for anyone, masood khalid is Mr Bean, afsar shaid is a Cave man, and the police of dadyal are Teletubbies, the sdm is a convict, ch Aftab is a gay because he gave chairman shoukat a blow job, ch shaukat is a fat ugly overgrown cunt, and all you typical dadyalis are rupee di mar, 5000 rupees and you dadyalis are sold like a hoe on wimslow rd, u slags!! we need IMRAN KHAN to take control of ajk and pakistan, tareek eh insaf zindabad

  7. Ibrar shah says:

    And you are oggy and the cock roach who has no manner,do you realise that females members of society read this as goes to show what kind of household you been raised in.someone said you have been busy with head down on turner st doing wiggy wiggy in the dadyalis do such a thing this is only commonly practised in pakistan or in Pakistani quater of Manchester.we don’t need anyone from Pakistan thankyou very much you have farangis running over you taking your ladies away and killing your people under your noses and all you guys could do is give them headdown wiggy wiggy shame on you guys.stayout of Kashmir you guys are not good at anything except sucking farangis toes.good at scrounging money out of some stupid Kashmiris Mirpuris and dadyalis,you pakistani/Indians are dividing Kashmiris too you on dadyal and Mirpuri basis.eventough both places are as good as one another and so are the people we should not be divided.Kashmir issue is being ignored on Pakistans and Indias order.Keepout of it let us deal with it ourselfs and give us our ares back including Siachin,who gave you pakistanis the right to give our territory away.mindyou you are not as smart as you think yourself to be.I am sure you would blow on kerry logger bills both in one.been doing since 2001.

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