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Published On: Fri, Oct 14th, 2011

PM Syed Yousaf Raza At Dadyal, Photos

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Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani inaugurated Thursday Dhan Gali bridge built at a cost of Rs 1.012 billion over the river Jhelum district of Mirpur division Dadyal.
The bridge, the largest in Azad Jammu and Kashmir, was named after PM Gilani as “Bab-e-Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani.
AJK President Sardar Yaqoob Khan and Prime Minister Abdul Majeed Ch addressed the participants and thanked the Government of Pakistan for the launch of various mega projects in Azad Kashmir, including three medical schools, college cadet in Dadyal , ITUniversity in Kotli, Mirpur, Muzaffarabad and Rawlakot districts.
WAPDA has constructed Dhan Gali bridge spans the river Jehlum in the upper reservoir of the Mangla Dam about 80 meters downstream of the existing suspension bridge. It is 45 km from Islamabad and Rawat Dadyal Road.
The bridge will provide an all-weather and all traffic between the center and DadyalRawalpindi / Islamabad.
China International Water and Electric Corporation (CWE) and China Railway First Group(CRFG) built the bridge under a joint venture arrangement, authorities said.
Describing the bridge Dhan Gali a milestone in the wake of Mangla Dam Raising Project,WAPDA officials said the construction of this bridge, a new era of accelerated development of the region began. The bridge has reduced the distance betweenIslamabad and AJK Dadyal by 125 km. People using the bridge will save two to three hours travel time.
WAPDA has begun construction of Dhan Gali Bridge in November 2008 under the ManglaDam Raising Project.
The bridge has two lanes with pavement width of 28 feet. Light poles are 130 feet apart on both sides of the bridge in installments.

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  1. salaam to every one thanks to Govt of Pakistan if you ask me which name we should give Dangali bridge that should be founder of AJK PPP Per Ali Jan Shah bridge or Ch Mohammad Zaman of mora kanyal or Raj Dalawal khan.
    Abrar shah Dadyal

  2. aslaam o alikum to every one and thanks to those help to fulfil the wish of the peapol of dadyal . ajk ppp or ppp has done no thing for this bridge should not have been name after gilani or any other ppp leader . gilani has promise other projects and if they complet them ,then they can be named after gilani,zardari, ali jan shah etc.

  3. Daddy Dadyal says:

    Mohammad Sheeraz – I completely agree with you. The government of Pakistan and the people of Pakistan deserve no credit whatsoever for the completion of this bridge. This bridge was built due to the hard work, commitment and generous donations of the hard working overseas British Pakistanis like myself. Now the Pakistan government want to claim the credit for his bridge but before when we asked them for help and funds, they completely ignored us. Also well done to the people of Dadyal without whom this project would not have been possible and also a big thank you to the Chinese because they have built us a beautiful and strong bridge which will last forever Inshallah. Unfortunately our people cannot build a bridge like this so we had to ask the Chinese. We can only build a bridge like the old dangali bridge.

  4. ali khan says:

    Slaam i personly have called it dadyal bridge why does it have to be on pm name.

  5. iftkhar says:

    can same one tell me what happened to dadyal cadet college and why it is not in dadyal whats dadyal mla been doing so long all these years

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