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Published On: Sun, Nov 27th, 2011

Prime Minister Azad Kashmir Ch Majeed Smoking in non Smoking Zone in UK

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  1. Maj Ch says:

    He is Jatt tats y well done lol

  2. azad jammu kashmir muslim league says:

    Whats the big deal or fuss about this.have you not got any decent news to fill the spaces in the papers or online slots.Have you not got any news from occupied Kashmir or are you told not to shed light on attrocites commited in Kashmir by AJK/Pak Politicians as it embarrases the so called Politicians/leaders who faied to address the Kashmir issue since 1947,done nothig else but made fool out of Kashmiris.since 1947 AJK public should have supported the politicians who are at the forefront of seeking total independence.seeking right to total Indepedence does not mean kashmiris are againt either to suggest such thing means india&pakistan is against Kashmiris right to independence and rather Kashmiris remained enslaved under both occupiers.

  3. Hassan Azam says:

    How can caste be bought into this conversation? I bet dadyal admin is Raja and so is maj ch? Cos normally only raja who big up their caste when trust me infront of Allah your caste ain’t gna help you at all btw Chaudry jatt and proud

  4. Benam Chehra says:

    g o jatta puth keeta e…

  5. Hassan Azam says:

    He didn’t do this cos he is a jatt he did it cos hes a Pakistani ygm lmao

  6. Nasar Iqbal says:

    These people are to dumb to understand no smoking zone but we the stupid public elect these scum bags

  7. Faisal Hayat says:

    Who made him pm.he should be banned in uk.he wants to take lord nazirs kashmiri nationality.

  8. Sohail says:

    Bila-Dharak cigarette pee rahay hein says the caption….lol
    Bila-Jhijak hota ha, bila Dharak nahi…what a pathetic jahil reporter….
    And the website is reporting whats true….nothing wrong with that!

  9. CH KHAN says:

    what’s nonsense the storey about the smoking or the comment from AJKML non affilliated Independent group.if smoking yes it is nonsense,but if comment of AJKML is taken as nonsense it shows how illiterate some people are and how much you care about those Kashmiris who are being killed indiscriminatly and martyred while defending our territory from indian terrorists.this parties agenda would be to seek the elimination of party political influence in Kashmir by both India and Pakistan and form parties that are from within AJK including Gilgit Baltistan as afar as jammu and have our Kashmir Regiment recognised as state military apparatus or Armed forces consisting of all the mujhaideens fighting Indian terrorism,we will also focus on seeking as much self sufficiency as possible by introducing some harsh some soft measures that will not only improve education and welfare but also attract expat investment too,harsh meaning inforcing law to cut corruption which is costing Kashmiri Public much more then their should be spending i.e forced to pay for electricity that was never used,end the transport con by corrupt police by introducing measures and give the recognition and respect to honest police officers and wage accordingly including other sectors,encouraging small and medium size businesses to grow within AJK by measure’s in mind that could boost their T/O and introduce system that would be just and fair for everyday hard working classes and Businesses alike who are or will be the backbone of Kashmirs economy,and to further help AJK economy Kashmiri Businessen based internationally could also play a part.I am sure many willing to given conducive enviroment or chance,but are reluctant due to corruption which is or was rife,we would be happy to work with current governments in AJK to bring this about provided these governments reduce their dependence and interference from occupiers.we will need good honest people to come forward.people who’s foremost interest is to bring economical stability to AJK with economical stability comes the rest of prosperity i,e high status in schools university education followed by good job followed by excellent social and welfare system and Health and judicial system that treats all citizens equally regardless of their believes provided its not contravened by false innovations that would result in arising of unrests as result.these should be implimented as it is stipulated in Islamic jurisdiction,so need people who are genuinely interested to give Kashmir same prosperity s they did to UK and elsewhere,can be done.need Kashmiris here in UK and AJK and Interntionaly to represent AJKML in their respective countries and towns.If your native Kashmir prospers so will Kashmiris most definetly maybe then can live dignifed and repectfull small step can go longway.please think positive and don’t be influenced by those who rather Kashmir remained as it is under occupation and enslaved and underdeveloped.

  10. Star Maroc says:

    تمكنت من الحصول على تعبئة مجانية لهاتفي ب 4 خطوات فقط .. أذخل انت ايضا و احصل على التعبئة المجانية من الموقع :

  11. Hina Javed says: Amazing song band Crackdown aag must watch it and share on ur wall paksitan music rocksssss

  12. abdul says:

    Who’s joker shazia,is it the PM or the CH khan,I do not think ch khan is joker or joking given the content of comments above.we hope you are as decent and repectable as you look and proud of who you are as muslim.keep informing of your views on political affairs if you understand them,but be carefull out there if you are CH.this media is it bit iffy i thought its direct from dadyal but its got dot uk so it seems half well better then the way muharam mubarak to all muslims of the world.Imam Hussain the beloved prince of our prophet (pbuh)like his nana jan and farther and sahaba karams,kicktowed all the offerings by munafiks and non believers and offered himself for the deen of Islam not for leadership.those who accuse him are the ones who did so no wonder their are being humiliated by zionists for being helpless against Israel have zionists roaming their streets an USA bases as if their rule the kingdoms.may allah(swt)keep Imam Hussains and his families status elevated to the day of judgement or kiyamat.Amin.

  13. Azhar says:

    We should all respect the law wherever we are, if ch majeed visits uk then he should have respect for the law here, we all are muslims and pakistani/ kashmiris so there is no need to promote jattism rajaism etc etc, we need to.have respect and tolerance for all our fellow muslims regardless of what caste they are from, nowhere in the Quran it mentions Jatt, Raja, Choudhary etc!

  14. Riaz Abbasi says:

    if ch majeed visits uk then he should have respect for the law here,

  15. Abdul says:

    It’s very true no where is mentioned JUTT,CHoudhary,Raja,etc in most precious gift allah has given Muslims ummah after our beloved last Nabi(PBuh)the gift being Quran as you are refering to,you have mentioned rajah jutt you have not mentioned other casts who also pride in who their are,you have just mentioned two largely known casts one+1=mir who believes strongly in balls lifting and indulging in pro farangi treachery while the other one strongly rejects such a notion no matter how big the financial benefits maybe and i hope their will continue to do so,yes one has to do business with other community no doubt and one should do so,as long as not compromising one’s integrity and sovereignty as our previouse and present so called leaders have done and doing.some people argue that there is no credible people’s leaders to replace present day traitors in the Muslim world that notion is widely rejected as there are leaders out there who could bring Muslim Ummah out of the brink of collaps and humiliation due to the actions of past and present traitors,the fact is that the leaders are not bought forward because there is nafsa nafsi jealousy and large begging bowl gets in the way every one including some ullamas want to feel pride being part of the corrupt regimes and public goes by what the media and local people tell them to believe or follow when people start thinking better for themselves that day change will come,without going into qoum parasti.What is the point of advising when no one wants to heed as the begging bowl is too much of pride for them to give up, but for Muslims humiliation.there are people out there its just that their are from Kashmir and want to be Independent,that’s why they are not supported,as support of corrupt leaders and their begging bowl and peoples and ullamas pride of being part of corrupt regime gets in the way.thats where the problem is my brothers.if you respect the UK law you should do so when you go to Kashmir too if there is law for all there.Jutt and CH are same they should fall fowl to any one who want to create difference between the two and divide,we are more important thing when western politicians and Media talks about giving muslim women their rights we doubt it very much these kufars want to strike at the heart of Muslims lap school in order to weaken muslim ummah as they have failed by the power of so called shock and awe,however islam has given women their rights not the west who use womens as commodity,so my sisters out there don’t be fooled into attractive temptations offered by the Western enemy.Taliban brothers should allow Muslim sisters Education for the betterment of Muslim Ummah and afghanistan,as for muslim sisters their should look Muslims women not like western women who looks half women half men this is what west like to see in Muslim world,its muslims themselves offering the cracks to exploit.

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