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Published On: Tue, May 29th, 2012

Photo of injured boy in kotli Protest

Injured young man talking to reporter who got beaten by police during Kotli Load shedding protest. Azad Kashmir has been peaceful area for many years but current government is forcing public to come out of roads for their basic rights. AJK is producing more than 1100 mega watt electricity and its demand is only 300 mega watt.163314_315434851872688_100002185272668_710188_69694627_n

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  1. Kamran Kahn says:

    what was protest about

  2. Sara Hussain says:

    That’s so brutal why wd u hurt someone like this

  3. A complete and utter example of injustice by pakistani police force once again, If the people responsible for upholding the law and providing justice for all react in this way what can the average man do?

    I hope all those involved in putting Harun Bhai in this state are bought to justice and face the consequences

  4. Ch Ahtasham says:

    very sad

  5. fir Ganja says:

    sarkar Raaj Dingey ????????

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