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Published On: Tue, Feb 19th, 2013

Pakistani Army Killed a youngster from Khuiratta Kotli Azad Kashmir

Ali Mohammad Killed by Pakistan Army in Khuiratta AzadKashmir

Ali Mohammad Killed by Pakistan Army in Khuiratta AzadKashmir

A news circling all over the social media that a young man named  MOHAMMED ALI  was tortured to death by Pakistani military forces in Azad Kashmir this evening at KhuiRatta , Kotli. His Namaz e Janaza was offered in Gulhar Shreef at 10 pm 19th Feb. As told by senior jourlists of Azad Kashmir that man was picked up by Pak army  from khuiratta Kotli today later on his dead body was dropped by Pakistani Army in Khuiratta.

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  1. U A Mir says:

    Is there any evidence that the droppers were Pakistani Soldiers in real?

  2. Stop posting this shit. I don’t want to see a dead persons photo you inconsiderate lun!

  3. Maz Azam says:

    Yeah Post Nude Images for this guy^^ 🙂 nyways Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Illahi Ra Jiuun

  4. Fahim sab if he was your brother then ?

  5. Riz Zee says:

    Fahim watch your mouth your twat, you dont like it then unlike the page!!!

  6. wat prof have you got ???

  7. Inna lilahi wa inna ilahi rajioon. May Allah bless his soul an grant him high ranks in jannah

  8. Riz Zee, if you tell someone else to do something, you should abide by it yourself.

    You stink of hypocrisy by calling me a twat. Perhaps I should have omitted the “lun” part, but two wrongs don’t make a right.

    Maz, Burma, Dr Aftab, I’m not afraid of death no, but I don’t want nor need to see a dead persons face when I open my Facebook. It’s good to be reminded of death sure, but pictures aren’t necessary. What good does his photo bring?
    I don’t see what I said has to do with my brother, but I sure as fuck would not want my brothers photo posted on Facebook for the masses to see.

    OP, I apologise for calling you a lun. You are, still, a inconsiderate pleb.

  9. inna lillah e wa inna…………………

  10. Kamran Kahn says:

    Do you have proof army did this? My uncle is from Kashmir and in Pakistan army and I doubt this would happen

  11. Waseem Hanif says:

    Why would the Pak army do this what would be the reason
    Inna lillah e wa inna ilayhi rajioon
    May Allah SWT give his family saber…

  12. Bewaqoof logo aap logoon nen abi to inhoon se Azadi neheen mangee jab mango ge to pata chal jai ga keh yeh aap se kitna piyar kartey hein.

  13. Khan Umer says:

    Don’t brake news until you know the fact

  14. Khan Umer says:

    No news is good news in Pakistan

  15. Ali SyEd says:

    thats th ereality khan sb knh=jro bht buri tra mara ha bechare ko

  16. Waheed Iqbal says:

    Ek army thi jis per trust kar sakte the likan ab wo b zardari ki tara kute hai or gadar hain Allha pakistan ko apni hifazt or apni gabi taqat se bacha ameen

  17. Nadeem Arif says:

    until you have proof stop the slander of your Muslim brothers.

  18. Jahan says:

    This definitely Indian bastereds done it I’m Kashmiri too they just want to creat turmoil in Kashmir

  19. hassan says:

    This boy is my cousin.We know it was the army because they dropped off the body after telling the family not to open the coffin!!How can indian army come in to kotli to drop off a body of a boy who had been visiting his sister within kotli!!

  20. Somebody says:

    Personally I would like the Pakistani government and the Pakistani army to carry out a full investigation into what actually happened, and provide the family with the truth. This story is so tragic and unfair, something of this nature should never be experience by any human.
    Mohammed Ali was a good man and his life was stolen from him from these vile people. The truth needs to come out.

    To say that the Indian army has killed Ali is impossible. He was not a political person, he didn’t have any motives and he never had any interest in this topic.

    All our love to Ali’s family from the UK

  21. shak says:

    May Allah bless him JANNAH. We have no proof as to who might of done this and why!

  22. ali says:

    its not story its tru wht u think u seen dead body is big proof and if u dont know go this fb id then u seen praper syed tahseen galani

  23. rajab ali khan raja says:

    Now its three stories are circulling one he was bit mentel, two he was just pick up by the army third he was visitting his sister would you postting his familly address here so one can offer condolence and say sorry. and lets make a protest relly to the army headquarter.

  24. Ateeq Ur Rehman says:

    Any proof Against pak army and what’s reasons

  25. junaid khan says:

    kashmir belongs to kashmiri people ana pakistan army got no right to be in kashmir same thing idian army doing in indian kashmir all the kashmiri national parties gettogether and do some thing

  26. says:

    why u want freedom from pakistan when u cant look after ur self…….

  27. azad baloch says:

    this is common in balochistan

  28. azad baloch says:

    visit balochwarna u punjabi bastards, stop killings, torture,forced dissappearances of balochis, AZAD BALOCHISTAN ZINDABAD !

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