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Published On: Wed, Mar 21st, 2012

Newly Born baby Killed and Thrown in Rubbish

Newly born baby killed and thrown in rubish  at dadyal Newly Born baby was killed and thrown in rubbish at Dadyal. Some prostitute killed her newly born baby to hide her sin and threw it into rubbish near Maqbool Butt Shaheed Chowk in the boys hostel. A man noticed it when he went to urinate the rubbish, he instantly informed the journalists and concerned authorities. It is feared that some one killed in innocent baby to hide her/his sins.
Dead body of the baby was thrown like rubbish without Janaza. This is extreme of cruelty in Dadyal. Many people got tears in their eyes when they saw the dead body of the baby.
Please leave your comments and suggestions how can we overcome such crimes and what is best possible solutions to this

Reported by Muhammad Imran (Dadyal News)

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  1. Astagfirullah..! What they going to achieve by doing all this?
    Indeed Allah subhan wa ta’ala will ask them for the wrong doings…! Tauba…

  2. astaghferullah, what a ridiculous thing to do.

  3. This was bound to happen, especially with the high number of prostitutes frequenting the streets of Dadyal. The problem of prostitutes needs to be dealt with and eradicated ASAP, or else this will happen again…

  4. Saiqa says:

    i agreed with Mr Saeed Qureshi, itna bara zulm jis nay kiya hy wo abi tak ” zinda ” q hy? Astagh Fir-u-llah

  5. By lookin at size of baby it looks like an abortion and some doctor did it for sure

  6. Anyway it is very sad and people should take steps to prevent these kind of things in dadyal

  7. Agree with Saeed Qureshi, powers that be, must show zero tolerance to these prostitutes who are frequenting the streets at will.!!!

  8. Tara Khan says:

    Astagfirullah apny gunnah choopany k leye katal Kar dyty hain

  9. Amjad says:

    Its easy to cry once seeing this kind of incident but the Hard part is to STOP this EVIL of prostitutes, brothers & sisters of Dadayal remmeber when Allah s.w.t punished a town of Jews by turning them into Monkeys for fishing on the sabath day , Allah s.w.t also turned some into PIGS, and these wer those who DID NOT stop the others from fishing, our Ulema do not tell the full stort bcoz they also like all of us have failed to STOP EVIL around us.. may Allah s.w.t giv us the ability …amee

  10. raja khan says:

    shame brothers n sisters .how does anyone know it was a prostiute how do u know it was not a rape victim or sumone having an affair,please no tittle tattle without facts,

    • Nazee says:

      Took the words out of my mouth. Its hilarious how people will make up stories to make it all the more tasty. Lol
      Its not like the baby had these facts printed on its forehead.
      Rather than make these stories up people should pray for the child and the mother in the hope that she realizes what a hideous act she has committed.

  11. ASTAGFIRALLAH This is bloody haram. They say Pakistan is a Muslim country u go 2 Lahore and u see prostitutes at night u go 2 Karachi and people kill over mobile phones so they can feed they’re heroin addiction this is why we need independence from these Punjabi with big moustaches. Kashmir wants to be a independent state we don’t want Pakistan India or china controlling us free Kashmir we don’t want non Muslims with colonial ideas sitting in Islamabad or new Delhi controlling us. free Kashmir

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