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Published On: Wed, Jun 27th, 2012

Mutiny case: Brig Ali’s court martial concluded

Mutiny case: Brig Ali’s court martial concluded
The court martial proceedings of Brigadier Ali Khan, who was facing charges of having links with the banned Hizbut Tahrir, conspiring to topple the government, trying to instigate a mutiny within the army and planning an attack on the GHQ were completed on Tuesday.
The decision will be announced after approval of Chief of Army Staff.

The court martial’s proceedings against Ali started last year in December.

During the six-month long proceedings, five military officers recorded their testimonies from prosecutor’s side.

The officers said that the defendant, Ali, provoked them for mutiny against the civil leadership.

According to the rules and regulation, the military court will send its written verdict to the Corps Commander Gujranwala. Then it would be forwarded to the chief of Army staff before publicly announcing the verdict.

According to the military rules of business, this entire procedure could take from a few weeks time to several months.

If proven guilty, Brigadier Ali Khan could face the death sentence.


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  1. Brigadier Ali Khan is a true patriot and brave son of land unlike many officers who are more concerned about their salaries and perks and medals. Change comes from these officers who stand up to those who are wrong and are puppets of the west and enemy of the people of Pakistan.Wake up Pak Army where is your mard e mujaidi.

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