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Published On: Tue, Jun 1st, 2010

Murder in Dadyal, A young guy killed two people with a gun

Mora Kanyan!
1st June 2010, this morning a young guy ( Name= Unknown from Gora Nawan) killed two guys named   Master Ayoob and agent Abid (Of Mora Kanyal). According to locals both of the victims went to collect money from the guy for his newly bought air ticket. As one of the victims was a travel agent. But the guy killed them both with his gun for an unknown reason.

It would be early to say any thing about this case but both of the guys died at the spot. and after their postpartum, bodies were handed over to their relatives.

Suspect has  been captured by the police and an investigation is under going.  Suspect was a 20 years of age and he was going to fly to UK today.

ڈڈیال میں اراضی تنازعہ پر 2افراد گھر بلا کر قتل ، ملزمان گرفتار

ڈڈیال ( ڈڈیال ویب سایٹ) سب ڈویژن ڈڈیال سے تقریباً 8 کلومیٹر دو ر موہڑہ کینال ( اوناع) کے مقام پر زمین کا تنازعہ ، گھر بلا کر دو افراد کو قتل کردیا تفصیلات کے مطابق یونین کونسل اوناع کے علاقہ موہڑہ کینال کی معروف سیاسی و سماجی شخصیات ماسٹر محمد ایوب اور چوہدری عابدحسین جن کا علاقہ اندر ہل کی ہر دلعزیز شخصیات میں بھی شمار ہوتا ہے اپنے رشتہ دار محمد سجاد یونس ولد چوہدری محمد یونس جو کہ گوڑہ ٹائون کا رہائشی ہے اور ماسٹر محمد ایوب کا قریبی رشتہ دار ہے نے ہر دو افراد کو اپنے گھر بلایا تاکہ آپس میں جو ناراضگیاں پائی جاتی ہیں انہیں دور کیا جائے مگر گھر بلا کر دونوں کو 30 بور پسٹل سے نشانہ بنا ڈالا اور قتل کرنے کے بعد انہی کی گاڑی میں لاشوں کو ویران جگہ پر چھوڑ آیا بعد ازاں راستے سے گزرنے والے لوگوں نے شک گزرنے پر دیکھا تو دونوں مردہ حالت میں گاڑی میں پڑے تھے جسکے بعد پولیس تھانہ ڈڈیال کو اطلاع دی گئی جس پر پولیس اور رفاعی اداروں کی ایمبولینس موقع پر پہنچ گئیں پولیس نے قتل کی واردات پر مقدمہ درج کرتے ہوئے محمد ساجد یونس ولد چوہدری محمد یونس کوبھاگتے ہوئے گرفتار کر لیا جس پر بتایا گیا کہ ملزم ساجد یونس برطانیہ بھاگ رہا تھا۔

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  1. zahid hameed says:

    very bad news, Master ayub sab is a very good person also my friend”s father. May Allah bless their souls in janat.

  2. Wahid Kashir says:

    I’m sat here trying to find the words to express how totally shocked and how very sad I am. There are no words really.
    My thoughts & prayers are with all my homeys / families and friends at this time. It’s such a great loss, what a terrible shock!!

  3. aqeel says:

    shocking news..
    may allah shower his mercy on their souls..

  4. Abdur Rehman ansari says:

    master Muhammad Ayyub sb aur janab Abid sb donon bohat hi ache aadmi they un ki jitni bhi tareef ki jai utni hi kam hai Allah Rabb ul izzat se dua hai ke Allah taala un ko jannat main aala maqam ata farmae
    dadyal ki tareekh main ye bohat hi bara hadsa hai pura dadyal sogwar hai

  5. tara kahan says:

    ohh very bed news. logoo k pass pessa kia agya hy kissi ko kuch samjty he nai hain.isaani zindgi ki b qadr nai karty.

  6. Sameer says:

    I pray that our people learn to respect and value human life. We are losing ourselves in pursuit of materialistic things such as land and money. Anger is a negative emotion and one has to control it and also defeat the ego which encourages man to do wrong and commit sin. People from England must be down to earth when they are in Pakistan. Just because they have a bit of money, they think they are better than others. In truth, a lot of people in England do very ordinary jobs and some don’t even earn a halal living. But when they go to Pakistan, they are ready to show off their money. Do they not realise that Allah can take just as he can give.

  7. Tragic news.

    Absolute shock amongst the British Kashmiri community, in particular those whose family’s originate from Dadyal.

    May Allah [swt] bless Ayoub Sahib and Abid Sahib soul’s in Janat.

  8. Kamran says:

    May Allah Bless Both of them in Janat.. Both of them are my cousins! Very sad news.. Sighs of Jugedment day!

  9. zaira says:

    You people should not comment about England as it ten times better than that shit pakistan where there is no law. You all pakis are money bought, false statements and false jusdgements. You Pakistani’s have no rules. My respects are to the people who died and my prays is with the family. my god give them a better place. I just do not think you should be so negative about England as where you all pakis are its because of england, you are so ungreatful. Unitil you people have a bone in your mouth you keep your trap shut once thats stops then its all negative.

  10. Adnan says:

    Very tragic news.. I personaly knw ch Abid, he was
    a kind person.. May God rest their souls in peace…
    Im upset to see a couple of coments hre, we jus need
    resons to pick on each other.
    The thing i want to mention hre is Eng nd Pak are
    two diffrent Cultures, with pple of diffrent sets of
    It would me much appreciated if we keep of
    diffrences to ourselves, as i havent seen any person who believes he is wrong, even if he is on the wrong side.

    • razwanna bibi says:

      can i ask if the killer was called sajid frm uk birmingham) and does he havea bengali wife? if u can reply back i would appreciate it. shukriyah

  11. muhammad ayaz khadim says:

    muje buhat dukh huwa uno ne wo hamre alaqe ki jaan the ye khabar sun kr har aankh roe ho gi un ki kami kabi nehi puri ho sakti

  12. Tas says:

    zaira kay liy meseg ha k apni gandi zuban say pak country kay liy boray words na bolay bcoz ur a part of this country Allah ap ko Aqal dy

  13. .... says:

    The fool what done it was Sajid Younis from Nelson Road, Alum Rock. Him, his dad & his bengali wife are now in custody in mirpur, AK. Gettin whipped up every day *************. Sajid for murder and the other two for conspiracy and aiding/abbetting.

    Hope the bastards gets hung if not- life

  14. razwanna bibi says:

    Did the killer have a bengali wife and is his name sajid by any chance and is he from birmingham united kingdom? please reply back asap..very important

  15. detective says:

    what has happened is bad, but we all know how bad and corrupt the police of Pakistan is, so please no one should jump to conclusions and make their own fictional stories up. Comments like ‘they should be hung’ does not help anyone, let the investigation finish and then base your opinion on fact rather then rumours. I have cousins who live near Sajid Younis, who told me his Father and the guys wife were at home when the murders by the prime suspect were carried out. So for all we know, those 2 people are completely innocent.

    • Ali says:

      This a personal matter so you stay out of it!!!
      You say you have cousins in the same road but ges wat yu MF wer family!!!

  16. ykhan says:

    May Allah bless their souls.
    It is a sad thing to see happening.
    Guns should be banned. Need more respect for each other

  17. ...... says:

    to detective….
    i do know the facts,and even though hes dad and wife werent there doesnt mean they didnt have anything to do with it. hes dad is the who instigated him into doing it in the first place. dont know about his wife but i pray to allah everyday that both father and son get hung.
    in court in pakistan sajid younis confessed his crime so hes not just a suspect as you like to call him,hes a cold blooded killer

  18. Ali says:

    As a reply to ‘detective’- the father and wife were involved and this is a known fact as the murderer himself admitted to this. The father and wife hid the blood stained clothes and the murder weapon. Instead of sticking up for these “INNOCENT PEOPLE” you should get your facts straight. Not much of a detective are you?!
    This is from a close reletive of both the poor INNOCENT victims and yes- all three` should be hung!!!!

  19. Sana says:

    Whch Ever Pathetic Idiot Is Saying That Sajid Gets Thunged Well Hope You DO If You DOnt KnOww DOhnt Even BOther Getting Involded

  20. boss says:

    u mad fuckers, fuck u leave my uncle alone u lot cnt talk u dnt know what exactly happened u making shit up that wont help yes he fucking made a mistake witch everyone does so plz just leave the guy alone he is in prison nearly 7 years now he served his punishment now let him rest in peace and pray he gets bail and dnt think bad he has changed he does everything what a real mulim des so leave my uncle alone u fuckers

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