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Published On: Mon, Sep 27th, 2010

Marsiyya(مرثیہ ) in the Memory of Late Sadar Farooq in Khadamabad

Muhammad Sajid of Sarthala organised a mehfil-e-Marsiya in memory of late Sadar Farooq on 21st of this month in Khadamabad School ground where Namaez Janaza was held. Many sher Khawan were present in the ceremony. All the SHARES (VERSES)  were written by Sajid himself.
Marsiya was organised by Sajid of Sarthala. Mr Bilal s/o Muhammad Ali Chacha gave a speech first about Sadar Farooq and his work for welfare of community. After the speech programme started with Marsiya (Sad (death related ) Shers). For more than 2 hours sher khwans read all death related shers which got people bored a bit and they started going home before official ending.

All the seats were occupied and people were standing as well to participate in a memorial event.

This video was made by a cell phone, a clear video will be uploaded soon.

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  1. ahamed says:

    will vote Bilal Ali son of chacha shahid.

  2. khalid says:

    in case chacha group sup[ports him

  3. zak says:

    Can some one please write what this man farooq had done for the welfare of the community

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