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Published On: Mon, Apr 30th, 2012

Khalid Mahmood with Steve Baker and Mahboob Hussain Bhatti


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  1. hamed Ch says:

    These guys who said to be from sorakhi wehter are from sorakhi or not they should be locked up,these robbers/thieves what ever you call them have no right to take anyones hard earned livings,now that bridge has been built it has also made easy for thieves from across the pakistan and kashmir border to slip into kashmir and loot,before that khoje or khusrey used to be sent to loot kashmiris now these thieves are employed for foreign exchange doubt there are people in sorakhi who would kill brother in laws for money,it means mir jaffar and saddaq still exist.and for those kashmiris who are so muhib e britania that they advocate others about kashmir,they must not forget that it because of our beautiful country kashmir that we are here in UK/Europe or elsewhere so we must not forget our loving country kahmir it is the corruptleaders to be blamed for under development of kashmir not kashmir,no reason why kahmir cannot be like any other developed country.Independent is our united voice.

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