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Published On: Mon, Dec 26th, 2011

Jaloos in Dadyal against Loadshading 26 december 2011

Jaloos in Dadyal against Loadshading 26 december 2011…
Pictures of Dadyal jaloos.



Video of Dadyal Jaloos..

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  1. Aksa Angel says:

    No point cuz lyt is stil of…

  2. Islan Shah says:

    cant u make videos of this jalsa?

  3. Sum Arain says:

    No any effect. .cz lyt z still off . . .

  4. I’m sitting in dark praying for the mothers of all those people who are responsible for all this

  5. Benam Chehra says:

    pesay lay kar vote becho,chachay maamay,talaq wastay ki bina par vote do…phir issi tarah hota hay iss tarah kay kaamoo mein.

  6. it was little bit effective because light is not going off for 4 hours or 5 hours…they turn it off and On after 1 hour..right now its been 2 hours light is still ON 😉

  7. Habeeb Khan says:

    I’m sure there is a permanent solution to the electricity issues. Government need to do research on solar energy and alternative options.

  8. Dadyal says:

    video is there in post clickthe link to watch on the website

  9. hasan says:

    While there is genuine concern for electricity shortage in AJK this shortage has been going on for quite a long time
    i.e in the previous governments too,but then these sheeps and goats were not encouraged to go out and protest when their should have done so.agree votes have been bought and sold as you know this is nothing new as previouse governments have done so too,what i don’t understand or agree with is that why should Kashmiri candidate pay Pakistan to buy a ticket when Kashmir supposed to be Independent state including Gilgit Baltistan,previous government with help of Mushraff stole earth quake money let alone buying ticket from Pakistan PML or zardari who is suckinging along with some generals the balls of farangis.I believe if this government in AJK is given chance to prove its worthy of governance by allowing it to complete its term,by creating obstacles in its early stages not going to improve things all of sudden as evident by previouse governments inability as shown despite given many chances.Surely when you had the previous government run by corrupt potovaris and solicitors and those who letout first bullet that killed crow or sparrow and had the Kashmiris fooled by having dam built but receiving pittence for it and no development in AJK due to mismanagement of political and economical affairs by then and after politically instable governments compared to the sacrifices made and displacement of Kashmiris who accepted being made fool of.people are right to protest and should keep up the pressure on governments to improve the service but must bear in mind that previous governments had made AJK too dependent on Pakistan it is very difficult to come out of its clutches that soon.must not depend too much on Solar power as it is not reliable for longterm sustainability,don’t just go around following or running after every wagging tail that may seem attracting for short term.whats difficult to sell to here in UK/EU is easy sell in developing World as the bribe is rife there.there is alternative to this though.for that i/we have to do bit of research and travelling too.we seriously need constant supply of electrical power or energy supply inorder to Industrially prosper.we need to Independent from both sides as allegiance can have many drawbacks as we do not know what kind of future governments will be imposed on Pakistan and India,so therefore we cannot be dependent on both of these occupiers who may decide to limit our economical and political progress as their have done so for the passed 60 should be attending any unfortunate anniversaries as head of state not just as ordinary official running around as if forced to do so or be answerable to others when you are head of so called Independent state.this applies to Ministers on both sides of entire Kashmir.

  10. Abdul says:

    Yes we should keep the pressure applied on governments to do something about loadshedding,anyway what is loadshedding.I mean loadshedding in plain english term would be shedding excess load,but how does shedding a load apply there when there is not enough electricity being supplied or generated to supply all AJK.Is someone playing fool with Kashmiris to keep us under developed whilst there is plenty of electricity to supply Karachi.Anyway in coming days there should be less protest on this issue.Instead I would urge all My Kashmiri brothers/Sisters to celebrate eid Millad un Nabi gujj Bujj ke including in Dadyal as in other Areas of Kashmir including Galgit Baltistan(GB)All the Best.

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