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Published On: Mon, Mar 26th, 2012

Is Majawar the right definition for AJK Rulers

Is Majawar the right definition for AJK Rulers

Im not surprised at all on the remarks of Ch Abdul Majid sahib PM of AJK towards the naming of the gate on Dangali Bridge Bab a Yousaf Raza Gillani, he said “kisi mai kay lal main jurat nahi board utarwanay ki” This was in response to Raja Farooq Haider Sahib’s remarks. First of all since the system to rule AJK was created politicians and their followers have given title to their rulers from pakistan in thanks for giving them this power to mislead and misuse their people, but the title given by Ch Abdul Majid Sahib to hiself and his fellow politicians is 100% correct and for that I ahve to give 100 marks out of 100 plus a star to Choudhry Sahib. The truth is all political parties leaders in AJK are Majawars of their pakistani masters, some are Majwars of Larkana, Raiwind, GHQ, Nine Zero, MQM and J I. Regarding the naming of Dangali Bridge Gate, when the new Majawars will be appointed by their masters nobody will be able to stop them renaming the gate into their masters name, I would urge all Kashmiri politcians to accept the facts and follow in the footsteps of Choudhry Sahib and start writing this title with their names and the name of the place where their masters are from. I wish these Majawars the way they stand up to defend their masters they should take the same stand for the rights of Kahmiri’s then things would be different. Sorry if I have offended anybody. THE TRUTH HURTS.
Akram Sattar

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  1. Noor Hussain says:

    Mr Akram Sattar, your article about ” Majawers” is a true thinking of revolt kashmiries and is a mirror to kashmiri rulers,where they can see their horrible faces. Remember, people can forget but history never forgets.I also congratulate to you to be Kashmir dost. Weldon and keep it up.
    Saidzada Noor Hussain

  2. Time will come when the bridge will be renamed as well as MUST to their original names and these demi officials will see their pride fall.

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