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Published On: Sat, Apr 27th, 2013

Innocent Young Nephew Murdered by his own uncle in Dadyal

pic, 25-4-2013
Muhammad Kashif of Sorakhi was murdered by his own uncle Muhammad Kaleem of Ratta (a Known Robber and thief) with a gun. It is told that Kashif forbid him not to visit his house as it causes disrespect for his family in community a day before he was murdered.

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  1. Can’t understand what people were thinking when they hit the like button like. Ya allah grant kashif a place in jannat al firdous and his family sabr

  2. Shaban says:

    By grace off Allah we should have strict shariah law for these sort of crimes eye for eye tooth for tooth !!! May Allah have mercy on the brother that left this dunya

  3. the murder of a child in khatar has sent shockwaves in the community of a young innocent life taken for greed. i originate from khatar and the child and family are known to me personally as well as one of the murderers family. these two thugs were charged a few years back with the attempted murder of a British pensioner from dudley, living in thara, they were released just after six months which says wonders for the pakistani justice system. shafik one of the despicable two was deported from England after he tried to kill his British, pakistani wife and his uncle who was also his father in law. another person turned up at the address sadly died of a heart attack. shafik was sentenced by the British justice system and rightfully deported. these two should have been put away years ago by the pakistani justice system and yet they have been set free to commit the ultimate heinous crime on a young innocent life and destroy a whole community. there’s no justice only Allah’s justice in this world. they killed the boy with out asking for the ransom which i have no doubt would have been paid. this is the first case of this kind in our village and will no doubt now that it has started be the last.. our leaders help these people to stay out of prisons and leash their cowardly brutality on the rest of the community. shame on all of you. ps last word a few years ago one of shafiks brothers shot and killed his own brother. he was also out of prison after six months. there grandfather had done three years for gbh who says blood history is not important. the child’s father is a very decent honourable human being who has to live with pain of losing his son in such despicable way. we can only prey that Allah brings him peace and try to make sure this never happens again

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