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Published On: Sat, Mar 17th, 2012

Dilemma of Pakistani students in United Kingdom

Dilemma of Pakistani students in United Kingdom
UK Passport
In what appeared to be a dilemma of the entire nation, every other Pakistani student wants to go to United Kingdom in search of better futures.

In search of their dreamy lives, they faced isolation, financial stress, joblessness and even racism.
Most of them belong to rural areas and don’t have as much freedom as the elite class enjoys in Pakistan.

Hence, that freedom pulls them in, keeping them stringed, till the very thought of coming back to their home-country becomes parallel to a nightmare.

In search of their dreams, these students leave friends and family and step into a world so different from their own that they can’t help but be overwhelmed by the contrast. What shocks me the most is that they refuse, outright, to come back once they’ve completed their studies!

By hook or by crook, the trend is to stay on and to gain the ever-alluring British Passport, as many youngsters patiently explain the logics. At the same time, Pakistani girls are too reluctant to return to their homeland?

However, they don’t feel shame in spending their lives in quite a miserable condition. Students do work as waiters, factory workers, and even cleaners.

Can anyone blame Pakistani youth for reaching out for a better, more secure future thousands of miles from home? It’s the saddening result of the failure of our own country to provide these hapless, at times clueless, students with the same options that they enjoy in a foreign land.

While the allure of that Red Passport has become so strong, it’s impossible to convince anyone otherwise. I guess what these students find in the UK is, in a word, satisfaction. They might end up regretting it years from now, who’s to say.

But for the moment, their young blood is happy enough to be in a place where no matter what kind of work they do, at the end of the day, there’s nothing holding them back from feeling secure, content, free and happy.
Farooq Faisal

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