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  1. asim says:

    New girl pick dadyal

  2. iftikhar alam ch says:

    I love Kashmir

  3. Ghulam Mustafa Qazi says:

    It is a beautifull town. I visit there last year its market is very wonderful and every thing are provide there also this town peoples relations are very nice and there heart is full of sampethy and wonderfull infrastructure are there big big building and plaze make there more beautifull greenery of this town is very effective . I want to visit in this town once more in my life

    • Rajehhunterz says:

      i think the sympathy got to your brain wonder what they done to you that you feeling dadyal is awesome!? duuuude are u feelin ok!? pakistan every city town village! are curupted !! even the police they think they all big man when they not goin on they dank ugly lookin smelly bastadz ask raja ayub who we are! raja ayub is the head of the police department! we balled in raja ayubs house and shot his wife front of him he was beggin us to leave him he even kissed our shoe u say the real gangsters live here n there naaah we are the thugz we born makaveli the donz! we have the dadyal on lockzzz! ask any motherfocker who we are!


  4. mehrban mani says:

    I love dadyal

  5. chshebi says:

    Dadyal is my city . I love dadyal

  6. Ramzan says:

    I love dadyal

  7. Shahid London says:

    Am from baloh I love my kashmir and people from kashmir

  8. Infaq khan says:

    I love Dadyal Azad Kshmir

  9. Sajjad Khan says:

    What is the latest news?

  10. jabel kahn says:

    Dadyal is in kashmir .and i am proud to be kashmire t

  11. dayal malkani says:

    Is it free? If not then I m not interested

  12. gulistan says:

    Dadyal is beautiful city

  13. Sakhawat ali says:

    Dadyal is a multi national city full with beautiful people and cultural dadyali people there are nice kind and hospitable.

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