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Published On: Wed, Mar 21st, 2012

Dadayl: Ch Khalid Mahmood with Ch Sajaad Kund and Ch Qasim from Ratta, in a group photo

Dadayl: Ch Khalid Mahmood with Ch Sajaad Kund and Ch Qasim from Ratta, in a group photo

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  1. politician & model…2 in 1 :)

  2. koi bandaa reh thay ni gya….saareyan photo kaddayi kindey lolz

  3. lol i bet u got paid for posting there photos online ?

  4. Dadyal says:

    Naeem Ur Rehman how much will you bet.

  5. Dadyal says:

    Sameer Hussain Naeem Ur Rehman Khalid Mahmood likes to be in top of newspapers and media. Most of time his friends and colleagues pay for ad campaigns.

  6. He looks smart but I’m bored of seeing his photos now, must be at least 50 of him on our Dadyal pages lolz.

  7. bhai saab ka kasoor nahin, har koi kehta hoga hamaray saath photo ley lo, logon ko pata hai police ne rok liya to photo kaam aayega, yeh dekho Administrator saab hamaray banday hain….typical dadyali soch lol.

  8. Dadyal says:

    Naeem Sharat na lana fir?

  9. Seriusly no one want to see pix of some random guys untill they are celbs

    • rizwan says:

      for your kind information these are not random guys, they are the true dadyalis, they will help bring sense into the backdated dadyalis like you

  10. Dadyal says:

    kaka shart di gal kar

  11. rizwan says:

    it is a honor and pleasure to see Mr Khalid meeting with the youngsters of dadyal to improve the situation of dadyal and taking views and answering questions. Rest of the politicians in dadyal dont care about the young future jounaration and treat youngsters like lost animals. keep it Mr Khalid, we deserve a roll model like you.

  12. Tehmoor ali says:

    What! Role model? He is back in uk to support another sharabi candidate Imran Hussain who in his life never has spoken for Kashmir cause and is following the labour party agenda for going in to war with Afghanistan and Iraq . Aaj kal ke sharabi aur badmash logon ko role model kaha ja raha keh. Lahnat ho tum pe aur tumaray sharabi role models par

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