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Published On: Sun, Mar 28th, 2010

Daan Gali Bridge Will Be close for All Traffic

dahan gali bridge

New dahan Gali bridge under Construction. Picture taken on 23rd March.

From 28th March 2010 12pm To 6th April 2010 For Schedule repair and Maintenance. They planed to repair it from 24th but it was delayed. it is expected the it may take long as 10 days. But maintenance team said they will open traffic form 6th April.
Dahan Gali bridge is made of wood and iron. Due to over loading the wooden part is almost broken which can cause serious accidents.
Every year the wooden pieces used in bridge need to replace becouse the guys working on the bridge allow heavy duty vehicles to pass through this bridge by taking some money. which later causes problem for public and government. There is  no administration system on this bridge. usually a monitor is sitting on the corner of the bridge with a cigrette in his hand and he never cares about vehicles passing on the bridge.

On the events like bull racing in Dadyal. many heavy duty vihicles use this bridge which are not allowed to pass. some time 3 or 4 vihicles gets on the bridge at the same time due to massive rush on these events.
i think govenment should have a better controlling system on this place which will not only reduce the maintenace cost but also it will provide a little relief to public.

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  1. javeria says:

    im excited to see new bridge.

  2. King Bilal says:

    I want to see the bridge

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