Why do we follow the crowd without knowing where it’s going? by Sameer Hussain

How does something bad spread and then become common to the extent that people question why it was labelled as wrong in the first place? One person starts it, another imitates, then a few more follow, before we know it, everybody starts doing it….. The reality is that everybody in the world can get together and do something wrong, but it still More...

by WAQAS | Published 8 years ago
By WAQAS On Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

Hum Kis Taraf Jaa Rahay Hain Zindagi Main By Sameer Hussain

Aisa kyun hota hai ke burrai itni aam ho jaati hai ke log us ko acha samajh leytay hain aur us ke galat honay pe sawaal bhi karnay lagtay hain. Ek banda shuru karta hai, doosra picha chal parta hai, phir aur log More...