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Published On: Sun, Jan 22nd, 2012

Birmingham: Azhar Iqbal shot dead in Pakistan while protecting family

A BRAVE Birmingham dad was shot dead in Pakistan as he desperately tried to protect his family, his widow revealed last night.

Azhar Iqbal, 39, from Stechford, was shot in the stomach as he wrestled with two masked men in front of his wife Rubana Mukhtar and stepdaughter Maha Munir as they returned from a shopping trip.

The gunmen confronted the family on a street in Rawalpindi, north Pakistan, demanding their valuables. But after Azhar handed over a mobile phone, he tried to fight the thieves off.

Speaking from Pakistan, distraught Rubana, 34, said: “Azhar wasn’t scared when those men confronted us. He tried to push them away and died trying to protect me and Maha.


“He would have done anything for his family.”

The ordeal happened on January 11, just a few minutes away from Azhar’s parents’ home, but has only just come to light as British Embassy staff investigate.

British-born Rubana, who works as an administrator and married Azhar in August 2008 in Pakistan, said: “We were just returning to my in-laws’ home after a shopping trip.

“We were due to fly back to the UK a few days later. We’d made the journey quite a few times and felt perfectly safe. It was only minutes away from the house.

“Next thing I knew, two masked men blocked our way. They took out guns and started loading them in front of us. They demanded: ‘Give us your things’. My husband handed over his mobile phone. I was wearing two rings and I started to take them off but as I did this, there was a struggle between my husband and the gunmen.

“A shot was fired and it went into my foot. The gun went off two more times and my husband fell to the ground as the men ran off.

“Azhar was conscious and was saying: ‘I’ve been shot in the stomach’. I quickly called my in-laws for help. My husband was still able to tell me where we were.

“I opened his jacket to tend to the wound and by that time a crowd was gathering. They picked Azhar up to take him to hospital and I realised I had been shot, too.

“He was taken to the military hospital and I was taken to a different one.”

She added: “By the time my sister-in-law and daughter went over to see my husband they found him lying in a pool of blood. The doctors and nurses were refusing to tend to him because they said a male relative needed to be present.

“My daughter said he was just lying on a trolley. He died soon afterwards. Maha said to me she believes that he would be alive today if they had treated him straight away.

“I had no idea what was going on. I didn’t find out that he was dead until I got back home.”


It was Rubana’s second marriage and the couple were blissfully happy.

“It’s difficult to describe how I feel,” she wept. “I keep thinking he’s coming back home in a minute. We were best friends. He thought of everyone and was such a kind man.

“We had such a happy marriage. I just can’t believe this has happened.”

Now Rubana has the difficult task of getting justice for her husband, who worked as a manager at the Halal meat counter in Asda, Perry Barr, and was popular with customers.

But she claimed she was struggling because of a lack of support from the British Embassy.

“The officials aren’t really giving me the support I need,” she said. “This is the time that I’ve really needed the help of the British Embassy but I’m not getting it. I feel like I’ve had no back-up from them.

“I don’t know what will happen but I have been told that if I leave the country then the case will be dropped because I am the only witness. I have to stay here to get justice.”

A Foreign Office spokesman said: “We understand that this is a distressing time for the family and we are doing everything we can to assist them. Consular staff are liaising with the Pakistan local authorities and are providing regular assistance to the family.”

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  1. Omg poor family! May Allah grant ths brother jannah! How can ppl do that? So sick im scared of that happening wen we go pakistan 🙁

  2. Nonii Ali says:

    Ina lillahi wa inna ilaiyhi raji’un may Allah swt grant the bro a place in Jannah and bless his family wid sabr. Dats 1 thng i h8 bout ppl bak hme they slaughter humans lyk animals

  3. ifzal says:

    again anothe blow to an innocent person.

    the media has highlited this issue,but what has been done about this!!


    this is what encourages the criminals to carry on the spree of crime.the nation needs to raise there voices,so the police are more vigilant,the police are shamed for not doing there duty regardlesss of any benefits they will recieve or not (im sure most of you will understand by the word benefits)the criminals aremade an example to deter future criminals.

    at the moment most people will read or listen to the issues and just put it at the back of there head,and hope for the best….

    remember you may be one of the targets and people will hope the best for you!!!!!!

    wake up and raise the voices and concers to drive out these culture of hoping for the best!!!!!!

  4. Uzma Aykayy says:

    Inna lillahi wa inna ilaiyhi raji’un. P.s so much happning in pakistan,stil these evil ppl don’t learn :'(

  5. Mo Aslam says:

    Pakistan is a failed state … from top to bottom… a radical change is required. the west won’t like this but a brutal and hard line regime is required to put things back into place … a revolution like the one that happen in Iran by khameni taking no nonsense… To change the mind set of Pakistani people… might take 25 plus years

  6. Mo Aslam says:

    May Allah swt grant brother Azhar Iqbal jannat and give sabar to his family

  7. Supréme Ali says:

    One of the most shocking things in the report is that no doctor would look at him as there was no make family is present.

    That’s how bad it is i hope the doc faces the same problem on day and sees what heart ache this family went though

    We need military rule cos the people of Pakistan can only be ruled by a dandah only then will Pakistan move forward.

  8. Omg that is so sad I use to see him in the one stop shopping centre when I use to work there, I hope those responsible be brought to justice, pray for the family.

  9. Dis brotha died as a shaheed! He lives! Mashallah! May allah gv his family sabar and da justice! Ameen! Pakistan is behind on a lot of things! All we can do is pray 2 allah and hope dat 1 day it becumz da country Qaide E Azam dreamed off! Inshallah dat day isn’t far! May allah save Pakistan! Ameen!

  10. Sad news… May his soul peace rest in heaven…. ameen

  11. Zakya says:

    Upsetting. Our prayers r with u

  12. Mo Fizzy says:

    Dis is y we dont wnt 2 go bk cuz thy can smell u a mile away no protection at all. How sad tht dis brother had 2 go dis way. May allah give da family subber & da brother jannat.

  13. shazad says:

    Ina lillahi wa inna ilaiyhi rajiun o allah grant shaheed brother janah and the famliy sabar ameen

  14. The entire world comes to an end. I reminds of my dear departed father who was killed in Pakistan 29 years ago. There is no chance of getting justice from these accursed people.
    My advice is to get back to England and rebuild your family and life when cool sense prevails. I felt that I could destroy this entire world and my enemies but will it bring back my loved father. Where are those leaders fighting for these people whom these people put garlands and posters on the roads? Where are those politicians? Justice in Pakistan is only for the ultra rich and sons and daughters of politicians working for foreign intelligences services.

  15. Thats really sad, may allah giv the wife sabr.x

  16. ifzal says:

    these is the problem

    we just hope for the best for the family but never do any thing about it and it is a trend that is carrying on.

    we need to raise the voices against the police the politions,things can change and future gets better.

    remmember one voice is better than no voice!!!!

  17. Sara Hussain says:

    So sad may Allah swt grant bro azhar jannat and gv his family sabr

  18. Wish our leader and ruling authorises pay some attention to law and order in the country,
    May ALLAH grant him Janat ul fardus and sabr to the family.

  19. were about in pakistan.

  20. Sumwer near Rawalpindi!

  21. Naj Hussain says:

    so sad news but things like these are normal in pakistan. there shud be hard line approach in pakistan. about 30 yrs ago in pakistan when general zia was in charge did u ever hear of bombings ?? he had the couuntry under control. the same shud happen now. the country and ppl are going down hill……..

  22. Saj Mohammed says:

    MAY ALLAH swt GRANT HIM JANNAT,,,,, the only way to deal with evil people in pakistan is by carrying a gun yourself in self defence as there is no law anyway ,, i deeply respect brother azhars courage of protecting his family ,,we pakistani here in the uk think all people in pakistan are our best friends but that is not true at all, i am not saying hate our brothers but just be alert and trust no one apart from your very close ones,,,

  23. Hassan Azam says:

    May Allah grant the brother Jannat and give his family sabr….horrific thing to happen then worse that both husband And wife were taken to different hospitals? And then not treating the brother as no male was present what?!!! I may try and understand that if this was the case for a female patient but for a male?

  24. Mariea Yaz says:

    R.I.P Bro…really sad 🙁

  25. Shakeel says:

    This should be shared on also

  26. Taz Jafari says:

    May Allah (swt) give brother the best place in Jannath and sabar to his family.Ameen. These thugs will get away with it and do it again coz the police can’t be bothered to fight them! I am appalled by the doctors not treating the patient as they saw no money! He is a human being and any kafir wud have tried to save his life because they have humanity! I love Pakistan as it is my country buy times like this I feel ASHAMED! Sister shud go with the Nazum of her town and demand justice from the police! Try and find a strong army general and pay him if she has to coz they r all corrupt animals and then sort out the police and hospital! Get as much media involved! If British Embassy is no help come back and report the B*****s! for not supporting a British citizen and go to Human Rights in U.K!! Don’t stay in Pak if you are not getting enough support!! My dua’s r with you.

  27. Thank you all for your dua’s and wishes. I am Azhar’s widow, I returned back to the UK a few weeks ago.
    Their is definitely no system, justice or any sort of rights in such a corrupt and lawless country such as Pakistan. During all my stay in Pakistan we had approached all sorts of high ranking people to help our case and to put pressure on the pakistani authorities, however to no get no joy. Things are no different now three months on from the incident!!!
    My dear husband died protecting his family, (he died a martyr) I am proud of him, May Allah continue to give me and my family strength to cope at this extremely difficult time.

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