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Published On: Fri, Nov 18th, 2011

Beautiful view of a house at Night

Beautiful view of a house at night near khadamabad. Owners of these mensions (Kothies) like to light up all lights at night to show off their wealth, that is why poor have to suffer load shedding

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  1. AK CH says:

    We beleive that there should be no waste of electricity unneccessarly.There is no problem if one is showing their hard earned wealth that has supported many people in kashmir interms of business and jobs so look on poitive side too apart from criticism sometie rightly so but why is electricity so scarce when it is produced in AJK so there is an attempt to keep Kashmir under developed and relient on both india and pakistan,Kashmiris should learn the art of building construction and electrical installations ad other trades too so that kashmir becomes self sufficient,I would also strongly recommend not to give up farming altogether given the already food shortage in the world,AJK need to strive towards semi self sufficient if not full,there are afew ways to do so.the Kashmiri Sultanate should directly purchase crops and livestock from farmers and provide subsidy to farmers where possible and sell crops to the mills managedly.just Need good and fair law.Root out the lannat of corruption that has been imported from india pakistan afganistan who inherited from farangi billos.India has used so called Muslims to spread filth and fahashi into Muslim neighbours who happly accepted it.fahash Industry that Muslims can do without but neccessary for the enemies of rising Islam Israel and India backed by West executed by you know who those seeking imposed democracy where people no longer consider ashamed to see their daughters/sisters half naked while our european muslim sisters took upon themselves to rise against Hijab ban i salute lies in the eyesf the beholder not the shoulder and waist length dress or bikin.get a life you appeasing crows.

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