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Published On: Sat, Dec 14th, 2013

Attempt to smuggle Heroine (drugs) to Sheffield UK Failed, British Dadyali Ends up in Jail

ch matlood of potha sher arrestedBritish Citizen Ch Matloob Hussain who belongs to Mini London (Dadyal) Potha Sher Village was going to use Prayer Timing Clocks to Smuggle drugs to UK, Arrested with one kg of Heroine at Mirpur AzadKashmir.

Watch the Video Repor of Adalat News TV , showing of British Citizen arrested in Mirpur while trying to smuggle drugs hidden in Mosque wall clocks. He used Wall Clocks to Smuggle 1KG Heroine. He was arrested with two wall clocks filled with heroine which he was going to Courier, cargo in a Mosque in Sheffield UK.
Watch Video Report belows

kashmir ka don…. by adalatnews

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  1. Quaiday Azam says:

    It does say in the quran that u can smuggle drugs,lie in court,go through red lights,cheat the benefit system,avoid paying the correct amount of tax etc etc

  2. siakhvy. says:

    rajay ne pakra choudry ka maal?????

  3. Zulfikar says:

    What a scum bag

  4. Zulfikar says:


    It’s time these foolish men changed there ways

  5. my bro says:

    Jabar your innocent we know

    • wellwisher says:

      I love u bro I know your innocent some basturds traped u I pray to god that they end up in jail love u bro always with u xxxxxx

  6. kashmiri says:

    a disna amreeka na hath hosi… saaray lok itne chakkar ni kari sakne… chalo koe gal ni.. thoray arse bad wapas byr I jaasan…

  7. May Allah give them hadayat. They think that they are doing big thing actually they are ignorant and spreading evil and bad deeds acting against the commandments their place is what quran says is Hell fire, they are who destroys our young generation Allah swt does not like these people and no place for them in society, no matter they are choudary.

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