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Published On: Fri, Sep 20th, 2013

Arrogant and discourteous behavior of Local Administrator: Khalid Bahlot of Dadyal

Arrogant and discourteous behavior of Local Administrator: Khalid Bahlot of DadyalA delegation of local traders shocked to know that office of Administrator is now only place to deal his family problems.

Its not the first time that Administrator Dadyal Khalid Mahmood also known as Khalid Bahlot  is blamed for his rude and impolite behavior to his noble citizens.

After being long absent from Dadyal Khalid Bahlot joined office recently. Today when a delegation of local traders went to his office to discuss the notice against encroachments (Tajawzaat, Invasions). At at 10 am they found that administrator was busy in dealing family matters in office they planned to come after Namaz e Jumma. After waiting for a long time they get to know that their issue was not worth hearing and they can go back without saying any word as administrator is busy dealing with family matters. They also claim that administrator used rude and impolite words against them as they were there only to discuss the plan of action and reason to issue notice against lawful encroachments.

The delegation included  Javed Ansari owner of mobile phone city, Raja Aqeel Mazhar of Best Buy, Tayyab Ansari of Kwick Save, MD of Telenor Dadyal, and Haji Altaf.

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  1. Waseem says:

    thanks for the head up!


  2. Rizwan Rana says:

    You were obviously pricks if he dealt with you like that!

  3. Shokat Ali says:

    I don’t know if these people were p***** but administrator is in position of authority to serve these people of the city and if he’s struggling to cater time for them then he has no reason to hold down this authority. Resign

  4. mushy uk says:

    i say theres no need to be disrespectable toward administrator ch khalid when not knowing the true fact the true fact are hes not liked in dadyal cos scums dont like to be told the truth as they are used to dirty politics khalid is honest guy belive u me

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