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Published On: Thu, Aug 9th, 2012

Another robbery in Chattroh

Another robbery in Chattroh

Robberies in the village of chattroh go unreported 99.9% of the time because people think it is something of shame to be robbed. This is a prime example of the backwards thinking of people.
On the 3rd August, thieves broke into a house and robbed the tyres of a car parked in the garage. It was reported to the police the next day, 4th August and no action has been taken by the police, the vicitim bieng a person living in England. It is believed that the criminals are local and are known to be thieves, but still the village is not safe from these known thieves. People do not name the thieves because they are afraid of the consequences as the thieves are backed by political groups.
Reported by Akram Sattar

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  1. CUZZYBRO says:

    This is because of all the dirty junkies . and the high rate of Drug Dealers.

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