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Published On: Wed, May 30th, 2012

6 Years old innocent Girl Raped in Muzaffarabad Azad Kashmir

A very sad incident at Chattar Class Muzafarabad happened when a 6 year old innocent girl was rapped by a man. 6 Year old Kaenaat   daughter of Jaan Muhammad was kidnapped and raped  by Numan resident of the same area, Later on police told that his brother Zaffar was also involved in it as he tried to support his brother. Both of the guys are  in police custody and the little Kaenaat is in CMH hospital under treatment.  for more details please watch this video report by Syed Ahsan Ali Shah in JK News TV.


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  1. hang the b******s!!!

  2. These animals have no fear of Allah may Allah give sabr and strength to the family and these men be punished severly in this life and the next

  3. Nasar Ilyas says:

    Its a shame we hear such news, we hardly hear news on people being convicted or sentenced, its only a matter of time when people will take law in their own hands and punish these individuals. Allah save us all.

  4. This is terrible news. The criminals who did this deserve severe punishment. It is unfortunate that you had to publish the full name and father’s details of this poor child.

  5. Nasar Ilyas says:

    Details of victims should not be made public nor any graphic images of dead bodies. This is a norm of our media.

  6. I think these details would not be published here in the UK. Either way, may the people who committed this crime suffer in this life and for eternity in the next.

  7. Umar Shazad says:

    i cnt believe how ppl like statuses such as these….

  8. Nasar Ilyas says:

    To add recently a man was publicly flogged for sexually assualting a four year old.girl. A village Panchiat decided the man should get 100 whips.the flogging lasted 1 hour apparantly.

  9. Nadeem Ahmed says:

    These men should be stoned to death at the same village the crime was committed. Then they should be quickly sent to there grave so Allah can question them and punish them accordingly . I am very upset about this as I have a daughter near the same age . My dua goes out to the girls family my Allah give them subar . Ameen

  10. WAQAS says:

    this guy should be tortured to death

  11. Asghar Akram says:

    whats going on with these people?no fear of god.

  12. Filthy ba?????
    They shud b hanged

  13. These 2 brothers should be hanged in the chowk and left there for flies and crows and for the rest of the population, When Allah s.w.t tells us to cut off the hand of the thief then it is so it becomes a Deterent for the rest of the community, May Allah s.w.t make it easy for the girl and the family…ameen

  14. Sarah Khan says:

    Its time that such people must be hanged in that no one dares to do such a crime again.

  15. Aa says:

    Hanging is too good for these perverts, if proven guilty.

  16. hang the ba….d,very sad poor baby

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