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Published On: Sat, Nov 3rd, 2012

1st time in the History of United Kingdom -Kashmiri Flag Fly on Town Halls to Celebrate Kashmir National Day 24th October

1st time in the History of United Kingdom -Kashmiri Flag Fly on Town Halls to Celebrate Kashmir National Day 24th October
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1st time in the History of United Kingdom -Kashmiri Flag Fly on Town Halls to Celebrate ‘Kashmir National Day’ 24th October – by Sardar Aftab Khan

This year the local authorities of Britain will for the first time in the history of United Kingdom celebrate the anniversary of the formation of the Azad (free) Government of the State of Jammu and Kashmir on 24th October as “Kashmir National Day” along with the local British Kashmiri community.

This historic initiative has been taken by Kashmir Development Foundation (KDF)- a national charity working for the empowerment of the ‘Voice’ of the Kashmiri diaspora community. The KDF has asked selected local authorities in partnership with the local Kashmiri organisations to celebrate the historic achievement of Kashmiri people: the formation of Azad Jammu and Kashmir Government on 24th October 1947 by hoisting the flag of Kashmir on the roof tops of their local town halls or civic centres in recognition of the Kashmiri diaspora and their contributions to the local economy as well as to civic life in Britain.

The local authorities in UK have a duty to demonstrate to all the communities their commitment to; eliminate unlawful discrimination; advance equality as well as foster good community relations under the Equality Act 2010. A number of local councils have a record of supporting the Kashmiri community through the recognition of the Kashmiri national and separate ethnic identity in their local ethnic monitoring systems. The hoisting of the flag ceremony is fully supported by these councils’ championing of community cohesion amongst a wide diversity of cultures and communities. KDF has requested the elected representatives to formally approve and facilitate in hoisting the “Azad (free) Jammu and Kashmir flag” on to the roof of the Towns/Civic Halls as part of the “Kashmir National Day” celebration on 24th October every year.


The people-led movement for social justice, peace and a democratic system of governance within the State of Jammu and Kashmir achieved its first milestone upon the announcement of formation of a provisional peoples’ government on 4th October 1947, which subsequently led to the establishment of the first Azad (free) Government of the State of Jammu and Kashmir on 24th October 1947.

The State of Jammu and Kashmir is currently a United Nations’ ‘recognised disputed territory’, and currently forcibly divided into three parts administer by India, Pakistan and China. The state of Jammu and Kashmir thus remains a country in transition towards re-unification and national independence.

The Kashmir National Day Celebrations – 24th October

The enduring desire to achieve social justice, peace and a democratic system of governance in Jammu and Kashmir is renewed annually through “Kashmir National Day” on 24th October by Kashmiris all across the globe.

Kashmir national day is marked through National flag raising ceremonies at both the capital and district headquarters of the Azad (free) State of Jammy and Kashmir and other parts of the state; the President and the Prime Minister of the state also inspect a guard of honour.

A range of other activities, including seminars and discussion forums, are held to discuss and advance the struggle for the right of self-determination and re-unification of the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

Kashmiri Diaspora Community in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has a good as well as a very complex historical relationship with the people of Jammu and Kashmir since 16 March 1846.

The Kashmiri diaspora is one of the most politically active and engaged community in their place of origin as well as their current place of abode – the United Kingdom.

Over half a million people are currently residing in the United Kingdom, who shares the national identity and represent divers, ethnic and cultural heritage of Jammu and Kashmir, and have on-going family, cultural, political and commercial interests in their place of origin.

The Kashmiri community is an equal and integral part of the civil society in each and every sphere of life across United Kingdom. Indeed, in England, sixteen local authorities recognise Kashmiri’s national and ethnic identity in their local authorities’ ethnic monitoring systems. Now is the time to celebrate the contributions of this community in the civic, economic and cultural heritage of various towns and cities across U.K.

Kashmir Development Foundation is leading on a campaign to celebrate the last week of October as ‘Kashmir week’ during the Black History Month in the U.K. and to mark 24th October as ‘Kashmir National Day’. We are actively seeking partnership with local community, businesses and public sector organisations to celebrate our achievements’ as well as increase awareness about the inequalities Kashmiri community experiences in everyday life.

If you need any more information please contact Sardar Aftab Khan, Executive Director of KDF or Shams Rehman, Director of KDF via e-mail:

Dated: 24th October 2012

Sardar Aftab Khan

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  1. abdul.waheed. says:

    I am veryhappy 2read that kashmir.s flag has been reconized.i have been waiting all my life 4 the Day when the kashmir will b reconized as Indipendent country.a.waheed.choudry.inshala

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